Your trusted physician is an expert in their field. The knowledge base and capability of our team is wide enough to meet your general or laparoscopic surgery needs.

Bariatric Surgery

LapBand® procedure, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, Orbera® Balloon, diet pills.

Breast Surgery

Breast biopsies, abscess and cysts drainage, lumpectomies, mastectomies, breast conservation surgery with the SAVI® Brachy Catheter Placement.

Hepatobiliary Surgery

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal), liver resection or radiofrequency ablation, pancreatic resection including the Whipple Procedure.

General/Endocrine Surgery

Skin lesions, lipomas, hemorrhoids, biopsies, appendectomy, 
hernia repairs, thyroid and parathyroid surgery.

Gastrointestinal Surgery

Appendectomy, bowel obstructions, cholecystectomy, colostomy, gastrectomy, Hiatal hernia repairs (GERD), Neoplasms of the stomach, duodenal, pancreas and biliary track, pancreatic pseudocyst.


This simple, minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure starts to have a positive impact from day one. LINX is designed to start working the moment the device is implanted.

Our experienced staff treats every procedure as if it were their own family.

Friendliness and professionalism are hallmarks of a positive surgical experience. Compassion turns your doctor into an ally. We’re on your side from consultation to recovery.

Want to know more about a procedure?

One of our experienced staff would be happy to talk you through it!

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